Nancy F. Hensler, Ph.D.

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Through 25 years of work in university, hospital and outpatient settings, I have developed specializations in:
  • Trauma & Abuse - Trained by a pioneer in the treatment of complex trauma, I work with adults who have PTSD and dissociative disorders, helping them heal from childhood sexual, physical and emotional abuse and neglect.

  • Sexual/Relationship Violence - Drawing upon expertise and empathy gained as a victim advocate, I assist survivors of assault, stalking and harassment regain their sense of security and self.

    • Mindful Living & Eating - I help individuals, couples and groups manage stress, anxiety and depression; navigate major life events and losses; repair or strengthen their relationships; and develop more self-accepting approaches to food and their bodies.
    • The College Experience - My varied roles as a university counselor, instructor, advisor and administrator provide me with a unique perspective from which to support young adults, non-traditional students, and their parents as they deal with opportunities and crises pre-admission to post-graduation.
    • Career & Life Development - My past research informs my continuing passion for mentoring women and men in their multiple roles and across their lifespans.

    My style is warm and accepting. I encourage gentle humor and perspective. I will work creatively and collaboratively with you to strengthen your resources for meeting current challenges and to free you from unproductive patterns.

    With the therapy relationship as the foundation and guide for our work, I draw upon my training in a broad array of treatment interventions, including cognitive-behavioral tools, mindfulness, sensorimotor (mind-body) awareness, prolonged exposure and hypnosis.

    I value gender, sexual, racial, class, disability and religious/spiritual identity.

    I am in Chevy Chase, 1.5 blocks from the Friendship Heights metro.

    Nancy F. Hensler, Ph.D.
    Nancy F. Hensler, Ph.D, PLLC

      Complex Trauma & Dissociation, Grief & Loss, Mindful Living & Eating
    Interpersonal Violence Response, Prevention & Program Development


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