Nancy F. Hensler, Ph.D.

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First Contact

Prior to our first meeting, it is often helpful to speak briefly on the phone in order for me to get a sense of what your needs are. We can also discuss schedules to find a mutually convenient time to schedule our fist session.

Initial Sessions

I see the first few sessions as an initial consultation for both of us. I would encourage you to see this as a time with no strings attached, and an opportunity to learn more about me to see if you feel comfortable working with me. It is very important that you feel comfortable with the therapist you choose.

After the first few sessions, we will decide whether working together is the best approach, given your goals and comfort level with me. If we decide to work together, we will schedule regular psychotherapy sessions. If not, I can offer you referrals to providers in the community who may better fit your needs.

Therapy is like any other relationship between people: it takes work and open communication. I will check in with you about how things are going so that we remain on the same page about your goals and desires for the therapy relationship.

Scheduling Appointments

I schedule my appointments to last 50 minutes.

Nancy F. Hensler, Ph.D.
Nancy F. Hensler, Ph.D, PLLC

  Complex Trauma & Dissociation, Grief & Loss, Mindful Living & Eating
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