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Trauma-Centered Pscyhotherapy Group

  • 6-month process group to promote insight into how past traumatic experiences contribute to present-day problems with work, love, communication, and connection to self and others.

  • Open to higher-functioning survivors of single and multiple traumas (e.g., childhood abuse and neglect, sexual violence, medical trauma, traumatic loss, war and military violence exposure, relationship violence/stalking).

  • Emphasizing a foundation of safety, stabilization, self-care, and stress-reduction skills.

  • Group will be accepting new members in August 2014
    Group Time: Thursday evenings 5:30-7:00 pm
    Maximum of 8 members

  • Group Leaders:  Nance F. Hensler, PhD & Brianna Luna Pendleton, PhD, LPC

Grief & Loss Workshop Series & Support Group

  • Grieving is a natural process, and individuals experience grief and loss in different ways and on different time tables.

  • It can be helpful to share your experience with others who have been affected by the death of a significant person.

  • Each session in this 6-week workshop series/support group includes discussion of a particular topic (e.g., facts/myths about grieving, frustration with a lack of understanding/social support from others, changing life roles after a death, cultural and spiritual aspects of grief, traumatic grief), a coping strategy, and sharing of resources.

  • Time will be based on members’ availability.

Nancy F. Hensler, Ph.D.
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